Pneumatically Adjustable Rails

  • Dual-sided adjustment for multiple container sizes
  • Dual-sided through drive/idler transfer adjustment for multiple container sizes
  • Customized for multiple container sizes through a merge point
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Need a flexible conveyor line capable of running multiple container sizes? Dyco has a solution, pneumatically adjustable rails! This type of system will allow a single tabletop conveyor to run multiple containers by allowing four different rail width settings and the ease of changing between the four settings with a flip of a switch. The corners will require the use of drop-in sheet rails to accommodate adjustment.

Why Choose Dyco
  • Save time and change over complexity by easily adjusting the conveyor guide rails with a flip of a pneumatic switch
  • Multiple settings allow great flexibility and saves cost by eliminating the needs for multiple conveyors. Position settings include: one side or both side or a combination of each to allow four adjustments, (both in, both out, right in left out, left in r
  • Great for those tough to reach over head conveyors

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