Innovative Plastic Container

Handling Systems

Features & Benefits

  • Stainless Steel or mil-spec anodize aluminum components designed for continuous duty, maintenance-free operation
  • High friction, high temperature rated, fully supported belt with take-up
  • Smooth, tool-less adjustable height and width
  • Ambidextrous, interchangeable and upgradable belt bar assembly

Bottle Throttle
Precision Flat Timing Belt

The Dyco Bottle Throttle is best for use in the container handling industry and any place along the conveyor line where container control is needed. Stabilizing bottles during transfer across table top conveyor sections, bottle braking, bottle spacing, controlling line speed, as well as combining and dividing.

Our patented Precision Flat Timing Belt is specifically designed for precision handling of plastic containers, while also providing easy and repeatable change-over. It also allows for a multitude of options, including traditional side mounting, free standing, and overhead mounting, as well as a variety of belt lengths from 9”-43”. This versatile product is configurable for any container size and can be integrated onto your current line as a completely stand-alone unit. The belt orientation is always maintained for simple adjustment, with ACME screw and digital indication available to make it even simpler.

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