Red Line Conveyor

Modular Aluminum Table Top Conveyor

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Conveyor was originally designed to connect point A with point B. Dyco became one of the first to recognize the conveyor as a system, completely changing the approach to conveyor design within the rapidly improving bottle handling equipment industry. Today, Dyco offers extensive conveyor experience, and the ability to design systems for many industries worldwide. The result of this considerable experience is the new, patent-pending Red Line Conveyor

Red Line Conveyor | Features & Benefits

  • Virtually no gap between chains on drive/idler transfers for consistent bottle transfer
  • Designed for long runs & minimized chain surging
  • Truly modular design: The easy to assemble & reconfigure, self-aligning beam, ensures consistent splice alignment
  • Vacuum conveyor optimized for stabilizing empty plastic containers
  • Proprietary, Dyco-engineered cross section is strong, rigid, & lightweight, requiring fewer legs or hangers
  • Specifically designed for empty plastic containers

At Dyco, we remain unique in offering single-source fabrication, installation, and service of the systems we design. If a conveyor is a part of your production planning, make Dyco your first call. You'll immediately notice the difference.


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