Robotic Blowmold Take Away (VGRBO)

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  • Vision Guided Robotic Bottle Orienting System
  • Vision Guided Robotic Bottle Orienting System sorting moils from bottles
  • Vision Guided Robotic Bottle Orienting System with fully guarded mobile system
  • Vision Guided Robotic Bottle Orienting System with recirculating table
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Our patent pending VGRB Take Away accepts randomly oriented plastic containers from a bulk conveyor straight out of a blow molder or any down line process. All loose moils, tails or scrap plastic mixed in with the containers will be separated and deposited into a reject scrap chute. Containers are received into an accumulation hopper and then conveyed and re-circulated under a Cognex vision inspection station which will identify and locate each container. The containers that are within predetermined inspection criteria will be picked up by an integrated Kuka 6-axis robot and placed upright and oriented onto an integrated, single lane exit vacuum conveyor. The containers are then conveyed out single file, upright and oriented, for down line processes such as leak detection, labeling, flaming or packing. Containers that fail inspection will be picked and placed into a reject bin.  The system is totally independent, mobile for use on multiple lines, and requires no interaction with the blow molder.

Why Choose Dyco
  • Eliminates manual labor inspecting and orienting containers from a blowmolder
  • Improves shipped bottle quality, no moils or tails mixed in with finished product
  • Easily relocated cell that fits in tight locations

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