Robotic Bulk Bottle Depalletizing

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  • Overview of Depalletizer Cell
  • View inside of PLC control cabinet
  • Depalletizing Robot Head
  • Robotic Bulk Bottle Depalletizer
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Our Robotic Bulk Bottle Depalletizer allows for faster production rates compared to hand depalletizing.  Simply load pallets of bottles, remove the banding or wrapping, and the robot takes care of the rest.  Dyco designed end of arm tooling allows the robotic arm to handle slip sheets, top frames, and pallets in addition to bottles.  The robotic arm places the top frames and slip sheets onto a pallet as well as making a separate stack of empty pallets for reuse.  The bottle arrays are placed onto a Dyco Mat Top Conveyor system to be indexed into a single row Table Top Conveyor for downstream processes like cleaning and filling.

 Filling companies can increase production capacity and eliminate repetitive motion injuries through the use of a Dyco Robotic Bulk Bottle Palletizer.

Why Choose Dyco
  • Customized end of arm tooling to fit your bottle size
  • Easy to use operator control panel means your employees do not need to learn specialized coding
  • Can be programmed with multiple recipes for faster changeovers and adapt for future products
  • KUKA™ industrial robotic arm provides reliable, repeatable accuracy at a high rate of speed

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