Robotic Tray Palletizing

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The Dyco Robotic Tray Palletizer is designed for palletizing trays filled with oriented empty bottles. The system locates and picks up trays, stacks them onto a located pallet, places a top cap on the completed stack, and then discharges the palletized load through an integrated bander or stretch wrapper.  If desired, a thin layer of plastic film or a slip sheet can be placed between layers. 

Companies that manufacture or fill blowmolded plastic containers commonly use this solution to store and ship personal care, chemical, and other industrial type containers.  Completed pallets can be easily moved with a fork lift for storage in a warehouse or transport to an off site filling location.  Individual trays of the plastic bottles can be easily unloaded into a bottle descrambler feeding a filling line.

Why Choose Dyco
  • Eliminates manual labor and repetitive motion injuries associated with hand palletizing
  • Reduces packaging costs. Trays, pallets, and slip sheets are typically used multiple times
  • Trays of oriented bottles maximize storage space, reduce freight costs, and minimize bottle damage
  • A sheet of plastic film over all bottles minimizes contamination from cardboard dust

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