Robotic Bulk Box Bottle Loader

Patented technology that works!

  • Robotic Box loader picking containers off of inverter unit to place upside down for pack stabilization
  • Robotic Box loader picking unstable containers and placing into "tilted" box
  • Quick change, bottle specific head tooling
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Dyco's Robotic Box Loading Systems will offer you the best way to automatically pack many different empty blow molded containers into corrugated boxes, eliminating the inefficiency of packing by hand and the concerns associated with repetitive work tasks. The application of robotics expands the capabilities of a bottle packer system by providing efficient loading of one or more containers with a single system, while extending your return on investment by offering flexibility to adapt the robotic box loading system in the future to new or different bottle packer configurations.

Why Choose Dyco
  • Dyco personnel are experts in empty bottle handling
  • Ability to invert rows, layers, and checker-board patterns
  • Easy to use operator interface

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