Robotic Bulk Bottle Palletizing System - Two Row Picking

Patented technology that works!

  • Palletizing System for alternating rows of one-gallon juice containers
  • Precision slipsheet placement, while the array below is fully captured in the stabilizing tower
  • Palletizing one-gallon oil containers into a fully stabilized array
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Dyco brings robotics to its proven Bulk Bottle Palletizing Systems for empty plastic containers. By applying robotic lifting and positioning of bottles, you gain production performance as well as greater flexibility when changing to or between different container sizes and configurations. Dyco’s Robotic Bulk Palletizing Systems are specifically designed for unstable plastic containers, and are fully automated from bottle infeed to pallet discharge, requiring only system monitoring and the replenishment of pallets, divider sheets and top-caps. The robotic palletizing arm is fitted with interchangeable, multipurpose clamp tooling that securely grasps and lifts bottles from the infeed conveyor and positions them onto the pallet. For added stability, rows can be placed in alternating directions Dyco’s unique, servo-driven Stabilizing Ring interfaces with bottle placement to provide row and tier support essential to stacking empty bottles. The Stabilizing Ring supports each row as it is positioned in the tier, and retains control until the next row is placed. It also provides a surrounding side wall for both the tier that is being formed and the finished tier underneath. When the tier is filled, the robot positions a corrugated slip-sheet, and the Stabilizing Ring rises to accept the next tier. Pallets are finished with a slip-sheet and top-cap, then released and transported to the finishing area for banding and stretch wrapping while an empty pallet automatically moves into loading position. The Robotic Bulk Palletizing System is managed by Dyco’s system PLC with its user friendly touch screen controls, and Dyco’s proprietary robot program which will accommodate changes to new containers without re-teaching or reprogramming the robot. 

Why Choose Dyco
  • Continuous bottle stabilizing as the pallet is being formed
  • Quick change over, and cost effective adaptation to bottle changes
  • End of arm tooling designs signify Dyco's years of bottle handling experience

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