Robotic Partition Inserter

Dyco is your automation partner!

  • Robot Inserting H-Insert into box
  • Tamper spreader unit completely pushing and spreading insert into box
  • H-insert blanks conveyed on roller conveyor
  • Robot Inserting Partitions into box
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The Robotic Partition Inserter System, with it’s customized head tooling, will pick up partition flat blanks fed into the cell on the multi-zone infeed conveyor, fold the partition accordingly, and then place them into reshipper boxes. The box will then be conveyed into the spreader tamper unit to completely push the inserter to the bottom of the box while spreading it against the walls to allow for total clearance when bottle loading. System is available as an integrated system or a stand alone unit.

Why Choose Dyco
  • Extremely small footprint
  • Significant reduction in labor requirements and possible repetitive motion injuries
  • Installation of a robotic system offers future flexibility, an advantage over dedicated conventional systems

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