Robotic RSC Box Loading

Dyco is your automation partner!

  • Neck down loading of six large containers
  • Clamp grip of two detergent containers while loading into box with separator
  • Quick change bottle specific tooling is show for a round industrial gallon 6-pack box
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Dyco's Robotic RSC Box Loading System offers a very flexible automation solution for loading bottles into boxes. Dyco's experience with bottle packing systems, along with the reliability and low maintenance of robotics, gives you the right solution for cost reduction. The extreme flexibility of robotic box loading systems allows you to automate bottle packing systems of current blowmolded containers while retaining the flexibility to pack bottles in the future that currently exist only on the drawing board today.

Why Choose Dyco
  • Quick change over: less than 1 minute
  • Packs empty plastic containers upright and inverted
  • Top load or side load


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