Roller Conveyor

  • Gravity Roller Box Conveyor with adjustable guide rails
  • Bottle trays on a Roller Conveyor being moved to Robotic Tray Loader
  • Robotic cell using a Roller Box Conveyor
  • Roller Box Conveyor moving boxes with bags into a packing area

The sturdy construction of our Roller Conveyors are ideal for conveying full or empty boxes and trays.  The rollers can be spaced to handle any size of box or tray, providing a simple and affordable option to convey products.  Dyco Roller Conveyors are available as powered Driven conveyors, or nonpowered Gravity Roller designs for moving up and down inclines or to fully automate packaging processes.

Why Choose Dyco
  • Different roller spacing and drive systems available to fit your budget
  • Available in stand alone sections or as an integrated component in a turnkey solution from Dyco

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