Roller Conveyor Lifter / Rotator

  • Lifter Rotator moving a full pallet of boxes
  • Lifter Rotator stand alone unit
  • Powerful servo motor designed to handle heavy loads of palletized full products
  • Lifter Rotator allows pallets to be properly oriented for banding
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Dyco Lifter Rotator for roller conveyors is typically used to 4-way band pallet-less unit loads. The powerful servo motor lifts the palletized products over the rollers and can rotate them for easier removal by fork truck or other uses.  The lifter rotator is available separately or as part of an integrated system with a bander.

Why Choose Dyco
  • Designed for integration into a roller conveyor system to rotate product as needed
  • Available as part of a complete Dyco system or as a stand alone unit

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