Innovative Plastic Container

Handling Systems

Why Choose Dyco?

  • Dyco utilizes readily available components to facilitate maintenance should there ever be a problem
  • Dyco’s in-house programming eliminates the need for third-party involvement should any changes need to be made
  • Dyco’s products feature heavy-duty construction to meet the needs of today’s work environment

Roller Conveyor

Dyco offers a variety of Roller Conveyor options to fit the needs of your operation including driven roller conveyor, gravity rollers, pop-up transfers, turntable transfer, and lifter rotators. Dyco can integrate control systems that will manage virtually any pallet handling requirement, while providing total system operation integrity. Our Roller Conveyors are designed to handle all standard pallets, with customization as needed. Typical uses of our driven or gravity roller conveyor systems are the staging or transport of pallets, finished products, or boxes. For pallet-less loads that require 4-way band, Dyco’s Lifter/Rotator is the perfect solution. Additionally, for pallets that need to be transferred at a right angle or from drag chain to roller conveyor, our Pop-up Transfers are available as a complete system or a stand-alone unit. Let Dyco customize the perfect Pallet Conveyor System for your operation!

Other Dyco Products:

  • Pallet Conveyor
  • Drag Chain Conveyor
  • Shuttle Cart Systems
  • Half High Unit Stacker

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