Rope Inclines

Dyco is always the innovator

  • Two Rope Inclines elevating dairy quarts to an overhead conveyer
  • Rope Incline
  • Side gripper chain rope maintains bottle stability during incline
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Dyco Rope Inclines are designed to be a cost effective solution to elevating square or rectangular empty bottles overhead.  The incline uses the same methods and technology of our Cable Conveyors, but allows empty bottles to be raised overhead and out of the way.

Two sensors control the incline by preventing tip-overs that commonly occur at the bends of the incline.  One sensor stops the incline if the downstream equipment is backed up, while the other sensor accumulates bottles at the bottom to ensure there is enough back pressure to prevent tipping over at the bottom bend.  The variable speed motor helps tune the incline to match conveyor speeds.

Blowmolders and fillers benefit from a Rope Incline because they can increase floor space by elevating bottles to an overhead cable conveyor.

Why Choose Dyco
  • Capable of elevating bottles between 8' to 15' overhead
  • Specially designed chain rope decreases bottle tip-overs and is easier to maintain
  • Optional dust cover protects bottles from dust accumulation

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