Model 2512 Semi Automatic Debagger

  • 2512 6 wide debagger with 6' ext. table
  • Semi-Automatic Debagger Model 2512
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The model 2512 is typically used for square or rectangular containers. The operator places a bundle on the back of the machine in the slit and strip area. The bag is fed into a hooked safety knife and depresses a foot pedal. The foot pedal actuates a pneumatic cylinder to which knife is mounted, which travels across the side of the bundle, cutting one edge of the bundle open. The operator then pulls the bag from the containers opposite the knife location, stripping the bag off the bundle. Once the bag is removed from the bundle, the operator actuates the lift gate with another foot pedal. The lift gate opens and the containers travel down a mat top accumulation conveyor to the feed end of the machine. Once the containers are clear, the gate lowers and the knife returns to it’s home position. Square and rectangular containers travel down the mat top conveyor to the feed end of the machine and hit the backer bar. The backer bar works in conjunction with a “hold down” mechanism that holds the previous row of containers back, eliminating interference and pressure from the row being discharged.  Once the hold down is in place the backer bar retracts and the brake gate opens allowing containers to flow out of the machine on table top conveyor.

Why Choose Dyco
  • Machine is readily adjustable for most square or rectangular containers which allows the versatility for multiple applications
  • Hold down mechanism with pressure relief maintains bottle orientation which leads to better line efficiencies
  • Cost effective semi-automatic debagging solution

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