Model 3312 Semi Automatic Debagger

  • Model 3312 Semi-Automatic Debagger
  • Standard Length Machine Shown with table-top exit conveyor
  • Machine available two bundle loading to save time
  • Semi-Automatic Debagger Model 3312
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The Dyco 3312 is typically used in applications running 2.5 gallon double tier bundles in a 4 x 4 x 2 full-pack configuration. The operator will place the double tier bundle of 2.5 gallon bottles on a platform, and the operator will slit the bag open with a manual knife. The operator will strip the bag from the array and depress the foot switch that will push the bundle of containers to a live accumulation table. The platform will then raise up and the next array of containers will be pushed onto the live accumulation table. The containers will move into position to be side discharged onto the customer’s conveyor or new Dyco conveyor to the filler.

Why Choose Dyco
  • Semi-automatic solution to meet increased production demands
  • Consistent container feeding with bottle indexer

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