PET Bottle Debagger

Dyco is a leader in empty bottle handling

  • Patented indexer feeding PET bottles
  • PET Debagger feeding large, PET juice containers
  • PET Debagger feeding HDPE square dairy half gallons
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Designed to handle square or rectangular PET bottles, our patented debagging system increases efficiency by eliminating jams due to sticky PET bottles.

The process begins when the operator places a bundle in the slice and strip area at the back of the machine.  Here, the operator feeds the bag into a hooked safety knife prior to pressing the bag-slice foot pedal.  This action actuates the pneumatic powered safety knife to slice open the bag making it possible for the operator to easily strip the plastic film away.  Another foot pedal actuates the lift gate, which opens to release the newly stripped bundle onto a Mat Top Accumulation Table.  The machine automatically detects when the bottles clear the lift gate and lowers it for the operator to repeat the slice and strip process.

Square and rectangular containers travel down the Mat Top Conveyor to the indexing feed end of the machine.  The indexer works in conjunction with a "hold down" mechanism that holds the previous row of containers back, eliminating interference and pressure from the row being discharged.  Once the hold down is in place, the backer bar retracts and the bottles are pushed out of the machine by a side mounted wiper mechanism.  The wiper mechanism is driven with a variable frequency drive controlled motor and accelerates the containers onto the exit conveyer, which carries the containers single file, typically onto an accumulation conveyer to a filler.

Why Choose Dyco
  • Easy to use foot controls keep hands free and out of the way
  • Designed to handle square or rectangular bottles
  • Dyco patented hold down device and indexer eliminates jamming between sticky PET bottles
  • Works for both PET and HDPE containers

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