Semi-Automatic Debagging

Dyco invented Single Tier Debagging - Setting the Industry Standard

  • Semi-Automatic Debagging
  • Semi-Automatic Debagging Model 2512
  • Semi-Automatic Debagger into Alpine
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Dyco's extensive line of Semi-Auto Debaggers offer the greatest flexibility and options in the industry, and meets the same quality, operational and design standards as our Auto-Debaggers. These machines provide an alternative to our automatic machines in low-to medium-volume lines, by applying an operator for loading and bag stripping. In most installations, Dyco's Semi-Auto Debagging systems are positioned where an operator can unload bundles from a delivery vehicle or storage, and load directly into the debagging system.

The operator places a bundle into the debagging system, activates an automated slitting knife to cut the bag, then strips the bag from the bottles. The bottles move onto the debagging system's mat top accumulating conveyor that provides consistent, indexed feeding of the bottles to the single-file exit conveyor for transport to the filling line.

Semi-Auto systems are extremely flexible in design and application, with models for single- and double-tier bundles of square, rectangular, or round containers. Some Semi-Auto models can feed different containers with minimal change over. Dyco's Semi-Auto Debaggers, like the Auto systems, apply a special hold-down system during line feeding to minimize bottle damage, jams, and to maintain container orientation. Also, different lengths of accumulation conveyor can be specified to match the bottle feed speeds of your production requirements.

Why Choose Dyco
  • Dyco brings the most extensive debagging experience to your plant and production application
  • As the most experienced designer and manufacturer of debagging systems, it follows that Dyco is also the leader in manufacturing systems to bundle blow molded containers
  • Semi-Auto debagging systems are extremely flexible in design and application, with models for single- and double-tier bundles and for square, rectangular or round containers, with over 10 different models for square and round containers
  • Dyco pioneered and has perfected the hold down/pressure release feed mechanism that guarantees container orientation and minimizes container damage giving you the benefit of a more efficient operation

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