Service and Installation

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For over 30 years Dyco has been designing, manufacturing, and installing our equipment all over the world. Dyco has focused heavily on installation and on site customer service in order to make the finished product and our customer's satisfaction our top priority. Dyco has full-time service staff and Customer Service managers at our facility to help with any rush or prescheduled service requirements. Dyco employees a full time staff of service-dedicated technicians that travel to a customer facility and perform onsite installation and start-up. Dyco also has engineers and programmers that can compliment our service technicians to perform on site programming and commissioning. Dyco also offers emergency service work.

Why Choose Dyco
  • Rely on Dyco's 30 years of experience to properly install and loyally service your Dyco equipment
  • Dyco is a full-service, System Integration Company
  • Use Dyco as your emergency go-to company for cable splicing and conveyor repairs
  • Dyco's customer service lasts long after the installation; we stand behind our products and installations