Side Grip Elevator & Lowerator

  • Side Grip Elevator & Lowerator
  • Side Grip Elevator In-feed
  • Side Grip Elevator Discharge
  • Adjustment Crank for width adjustment
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Dyco's Side Grip Elevators and Lowerators are used world wide to vertically change elevation within a small foot print. Typical applications include elevating PET containers form the blowmolding area and also lowerating the bottle in the washdown area of the filling room. Other applications include full product and squat packs of containers. Dyco's Elevators and Lowerators come with the capability to add multiple options such as: quick adjustment, digital readout for adjustment, washdown capable.

Why Choose Dyco
  • Save floor space with the small foot print of Dyco vertical Side Grip Elevators and Lowerators
  • Save bottle damage or scuffing by eliminating rodslides or airveyor by using the soft rubber gripping mechanism of the Dyco Vertical Side-grip Elevators and Lowerators
  • Save change over time by incorporating the adjustable crank system and digital adjustment readout on the Side Grip Elevator or Lowerator for accurate and quick change over every time
  • Dyco can offer split frame design and installation if used in an application where the Side Grip Elevator or Lowerator is penetrating through a floor or ceiling
  • Dyco has incorporated D-Rings for safer rigging

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