Table Top Conveyor

  • Bottle packed boxes moving to a Robotic Palletizer
  • Boxes of school milk moving to a cooler for storage until shipment
  • Full Box Conveyor System
  • Empty boxes moving from a folding station to a Robotic Box Loader
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Dyco Table Top Conveyors can be made for any box size.  Our specialized guide railing system allows for quick adjustment for different product sizes if needed.  Our conveyors can be built with painted steel, lightweight aluminum, or stainless steel for washdown areas.

Why Choose Dyco
  • Standard chain sizes include 3.25", 4.5", 7.5", 10", and 12" allowing our conveyors to be taylored to fit your specific application
  • Conveyor can be installed overhead or at ground level
  • Available as a stand alone unit or incorporated into a turnkey solution from Dyco

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