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  • Wash-Down Stainless Steel Conveyor Systems
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Almost three decades ago, Dyco took the lead in designing, building and installing material handling equipment for plastic containers. Working in a variety of industrial environments, Dyco specialized in advanced equipment that would pack, surge, anneal, debag and palletize plastic bottles. Unfortunately, performance of Dyco’s equipment was limited by the design of the conveyor that created a production system. Too often, the conveyor contractor successfully connected individual pieces to each other, but failed to create a system. The result was a plant with equipment capable of meeting or exceeding production goals, yet which operated below specifications. The conveyor was designed to connect point A with point B, it could not function as an integral system. Dyco recognized that rapidly improving performance of bottle handling equipment required a new approach to conveyor design. Dyco became one of the first to view conveyor as a system, and to integrate the system’s designers with fabrication, installation, and start-up, and to focus on systems when training. Today, Dyco offers extensive conveyor experience, and the ability to design systems for many industries worldwide. And Dyco remains unique in offering single-source fabrication, installation and service of the systems it designs. If conveyor is a part of your production planning make Dyco your first call. We think you’ll immediately notice the difference.

Why Choose Dyco
  • Fabrication and installation by Dyco for full turnkey system responsibility
  • Conveyor designed specifically to your container and product
  • Fully integrated programmable logic controls with touch screen monitor
  • Full engineering services that follow your project through start-up
  • Experienced and specially trained installation and service personnel

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