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Handling Systems


Robotic Tray Loading

For efficient and fast loading of multiple bottle/tray combinations, Dyco’s versatile line of Robotic Tray Loaders are sure to provide the perfect solution.

Robotic Tray Loading Systems

Tray Bottle Loading

The quick-change end of arm tooling and easy-to-use HMI interface makes Dyco’s Robotic Bottle Tray Loader highly adaptable for many different bottle and tray configurations. The tray loader will tightly nest bottles to reach the maximum bottles-per-box capacity.

  • Compatible with fold flat and tab lock trays
  • Fenceless or collaborative options available
  • Can be built on a single base for a straightforward installation or relocation

Tray Palletizing

Dyco’s Single Lane Tray Palletizer offers flexible pallet and tray size options, including full high or half high size load capabilities. This cost-effective solution can also function with or without pallets by utilizing optional conveyors.

  • Capable of doing both upright and inverted trays
  • Available with bottle inversion options
  • Half high and full size load capabilities

Full Product Tray Loading & Palletizing

As the dairy industry transitioned to a caseless system, our customer’s proprietary carts and trays required hand loading. Dyco was able to help them automate their system by engineering a custom solution. Dyco customized a cart dispenser, tray dispenser, unique cart conveyance to provide a complete system reducing labor and increasing throughput.