Tumble Pack Loader

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  • Box-off gates
  • box-off gates, closed
  • Bottle Box-off Dump System
  • Box-off station
  • Tumble packing, with box-shaker
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The Tumble Pack Loader will accept empty upright, or laid down, containers to an AC Variable Speed live table top conveyor infeed. The containers are then conveyed through two or more divider gates to send the containers into the stationary boxes until a preset number of containers are reached. The gates will then shift to allow the containers to be conveyed to the next box. The system can be programmed with pre-set recipes for multiple container counts. Systems allow operators to perform other tasks while multiple boxes are being loaded.

Why Choose Dyco
  • Easy to change bottle-count-per-box with HMI touch pad
  • Programmable to alternate a preset number of bottles between boxes to allow bottles to cool
  • Will accept upright or laid down bottles
  • Automatic light indicators to let you know the box is full

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