Used and Refurbished Equipment

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If you are looking for used or refurbished equipment, give Dyco the opportunity; with an extensive inventory and full service shop, Dyco can manufacture and rework conveyor systems and equipment to your needs. Dyco can help you blend new and used conveyor into a full operating system for you.
Why Choose Dyco
  • Dyco typically has used or refurbished machinery and conveyors in our inventory that has been inspected by Dyco's Engineering Department and is in operable condition
  • Dyco can customize or setup our used equipment to fit your needs and application
  • Dyco also offers refurbishments of customer owned Dyco equipment; Use Dyco to cost effectively refurbish your existing equipment to prolong its life and minimize the need to buy brand new equipment
  • Let Dyco make auctions work for you when bidding on used Dyco equipment; Dyco can provide you information on a piece of equipment prior to purchasing and offer service or refurbishment afterwards