Innovative Plastic Container

Handling Systems


Box Loading

When it comes to flexible automation solutions for box loading bottles, Dyco’s systems eliminate the inefficiency of packing by hand and concerns associated with repetitive work tasks.

Box Loading Options

RSC Box Loading

Dyco’s Robotic RSC Box Loading System offers adaptive automation with custom, bottle-specific head tooling, and integrated industrial robotics. These provide for precise bottle pick up and placement in Regular Slotted Container boxes.

  • Head tooling options include: Dual Lane with insert, Dual Row and Dual Lane, Dual Row Pick, High Speed Inverted, and Single Row Pick
  • Quick change tool head allows for faster changeovers
  • Available with top load or side load options

Bulk Box Loading

For quick and efficient loading of multiple bottle/box combinations with a single system, Dyco’s Bulk Box Loader is the best solution. The Dyco Bulk Box Loader offers a patent-pending head tool design, which allows the packing of PET bottles into tight boxes. No robot training is required to change over products, recover from E-stops, or perform a full reset.

  • Change products from the simple-to-use HMI
  • Will tightly nest bottles to reach the maximum bottles per box capacity
  • Can handle slip sheets for layer separation
  • Can be built on a single base for a straightforward installation or relocation


Tumble Pack Loading

Dyco’s Tumble Pack Loader will accept any upright or laid down containers to an AC Variable Speed live table top conveyor infeed. The Tumble Pack Loader can also be programmed with pre-set recipes for multiple container counts.

  • Gating system allows for multiple box loading stations
  • Allows operators to perform other tasks during box loading
  • Alarm system notifies the operator when a box is full
  • Can be used with bulk boxes or gaylords

Robotic Gaylord Bottle Loading

The Gaylord Bottle Loader is an ideal solution for blow molders and container companies that want to maximize their pack out for multiple container sizes while avoiding potential damage from other loading methods.

  • Precise industrial robotic arm provides high accuracy of bottle placement
  • Fully contained and stable array building
  • Easy-to-use touch screen recipe builder
Robotic Partition Inserting

Robotic Partition Inserting

Dyco’s Robotic Partition Inserting completely and accurately inserts partitions during the box loading process. The partitions help to prevent product movement inside the box during shipment.

  • Precise industrial robotic arm provides high accuracy for precise partition pick and placement
  • System is flexible for future product changes
  • No robot training required to recover from E-stops or to reset the system